Barents Sea Crossing from Tromsø to Svalbard


Welcome on board for a very special experience! We invite you to an exclusive trip from mainland Norway to Svalbard – by sailboat! On this trip you will have the opportunity to arrive at Svalbard in a way that few have done before you. With the sailboat as a means of transportation, we get close to the natural forces over the Barents Sea, and we get close to nature and wildlife the last days along the coast up to Longyearbyen. We will get winds in the sails, saltwater in our hair and experience lots along the way!

The crossing of the Barents Sea is an experience not many people get to experience, which is also true about the bright polar nights. On this trip we cover a distance of about 600 nautical miles. As we leave the mainland, we’ll only have the ocean in front of us until we arrive Bear Island (Bjørnøya), which is about halfway. When reaching the southernmost tip of Svalbard we’ll be greeted by the typical Svalbard nature with its iconic mountains, deep fjords and glaciers. We sail into the fjord of Hornsund, where glaciers meet and crash into the sea, and it’s a spectacular sight. If time allows we also visit the Russian settlement of Barentsburg, before arriving in Longyearbyen.

It’s not just any sailboat we use on this trip, but our 70-feet expedition boat Valiente. She is a very steady and comfortable boat built in steel, made for sailing in arctic waters. The boat is well equipped and has a large outdoor area, a wheelhouse and a 360-degree-view lounge.

Our two skippers will include everyone onboard in the sailing along the way. From start we will divide everyone onboard into watchteams, and as long as there are more than a total of 9 persons onboard, you as a participant will have 4 hours on duty and 8 hours off. When we get to Bear Island (Bjørnøya) and into the fjord of Hornsund we will adapt the shifts as good as possible so we can be flexible and go explore land.

Whether you want new sailing experiences, or learn more about sailing and crossing of oceans with a big boat, this is an ideal arena for learning and new insight. The sailing comes in addition to the experiences along the way, which makes this a great nature experience.

This trip will take place in late april, and during this time of year we can get quite a lot of weather and strong winds out in the Barents Sea. Our expedition vessel Valiente however, is an incredibly sturdy boat that handles most conditions. We have tested her thoroughly during the 2018 season with the Expedition to Greenland, hence we trust her one hundred percent also for a trip this early in the season.

Want to see a short refreshing movie from a previous crossing of the Barents Sea to Svalbard with Valiente? You are welcome:

NOK 22,500 per person



  • Trip experience with sailboat – experienced and locally familiar skipper/instructor on board
  • Extra crew/Svalbard guide
  • All the food we eat on board during the trip
  • Accommodation on board the whole trip
  • Our Comfort Package which consists of accommodation in a shared double cabin (bunk or double bed) with a ready made bed (warm and nice duvets and pillows!)
  • Use of our shared trip-equipment: dinghy, kayaks, fishing equipment etc.
  • All boat-related expenses such as diesel, gas, harbor fees etc.
  • Personal safety equipment, HH inflatable life vest
  • A shared experience and friendship with like-minded adventurers from around the world
  • A lot of time outdoors – raw and honest nature experiences
  • Advice, guidance and practical training on sailing and boating in general. As an active crew member you will be engaged in, and learn to run a boat.
  • Search and rescue insurance for everyone on board (only on Svalbard)
  • An environmentally friendly, sustainable, unique, exotic and exclusive Norwegian adventure holiday

Not included

  • Travels to/from Tromsø/Longyearbyen
  • We do not have our own chef on this trip. As a part of the crew, you contribute on a rotating basis with the cooking and operation of the boat
  • Optional meals at cafés/restaurants
  • Entrance to galleries, museums and similar, or other alternative arrangements and activities that you/we may come up with along the way
  • Personal snack for excursions on land (so, it’s smart to bring a little extra snack)
  • Drinks like wine, beer or high-exclusive apple juice and other luxury (yes, we drink beer and wine on board, bring your own)
  • Travel/cancellation insurance – recommended, but up to you (normally you don’t need a special insurance to sail)

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