What customers say

When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.
– Paulo Coelho

„The RYA First Aid first aid course with Jan was awesome! The course was very exciting and practice-oriented. Was able to take away much of Jan’s experience as a seaman. In addition, a super instructive eLearning in advance.“
Maura H., Swiss Maritime Academy student

„Everything was perfect! Thanks to Jan, who is a brilliant and very inspiring instructor! – Both, the course and the exam have been a lot of fun!“
Daniel M., Swiss Maritime Academy student

„Jan is an excellent communicator.“
Anonymous feedback, Swiss Maritime Academy student

(…)“As captain of the „Salomon“, Mr Pfister managed the nautical business conscientiously and with a strong knowledge of international and internal regulations and concepts. Mr Pfister has outstanding people skills. In his role as captain, he didn’t hesitate to discuss and to solve any conflicts that arose, whether with staff or clients.
In work training or in nautical manoeuveres he was organized and was able to motivate and lead the youth to work in a cooperative team. Mr Pfister worked carefully with resources. His ability and willingness to work hard and also be flexible were highlighted everyday, whether during sea crossings, ship dock operations or daily pedagogic interactions. He worked respectfully with all staff. Be it with the technical and the mechanical teams on the docks during maintenance work or with the pedagogic team during normal ships operations. In team work Mr Pfister was always constructive and accommodating and willing to get involved, his opinions were respected and valued. Jan Pfister always accomplished his tasks on board or on land discreetly, responsibly, efficiently, with enthusiasm and to our complete satisfaction.“(…)
Mario Schmidli & Jonathan Reist, Co-Leaders Foundation „Jugendschiffe Schweiz“

(…)“Jan is a hard working and loyal skipper who fulfills his tasks with great motivation and high standards of ability. He is able to provide a safe and comfortable environment where customers requirements are met – what makes him a favoured host and member of the team. His confident and calm approach to challenges, paired with reliability, appropriate communication and solution orientation form Jan into a responsible person for running a safe and happy ship. Jan Pfisters wide range of experiences in the industry has delivered appreciated support to develop Boreal Yachting SA throughout the past ten years of cooperation and we are looking forward for more such years to come. Jan has proved himself as a highly competent and experienced skipper in the Arctic environment and his skills in boat maintenance have been very valuable to our operation. Boreal Yachting gives him our highest recommendation.“(…)
Espen Bertelsen, CEO Boreal Yachting AS

„It’s rare to come across people like Jan who have so much hands on experience, knowledge and professionalism in their work and have such an inspiring personality at the same time. Respect and highly recommended.“

Kris Nackaerts, Boreal Sailing Academy student

„Jan is an extremely energetic and knowledgeable instructor. Very good in handling people and spreading a very positive learning atmosphere.“
Anonymous feedback

„Thanks again for your Norway promotion, the fun and inspiration you gave me during your courses.“
Mike, Boreal Sailing Academy student

„Jan is a very professional, forward-looking and forward-thinking skipper, who can rely on him in every respect, he is able to handle difficult situations sovereignly, he has a truly extraordinary practical and theoretical knowledge and can pass on this knowledge very well and – above all – understandably. He is a man with decent commandments, but always quiet and competent, and Jan is extremely pleasant as a human being. All these reasons have led us to book leisure sail trips with Jan for many years and we intend to do so for a long time. „
BE, private client

(…)“He fullfilled his tasks with great motivation and high standard of ability. Jan is experienced and his professional conduct excellent. Beside his sailing and navigational skills he has a wide range of knowledge, i.e. electronics, electrics, engines, pump systems, varnishing etc. With his good character he was able to lead the crew successfully. Jan is structural and hard working, reliable and flexible. He has a confident and calm manner when dealing with guests and respected the rules of the boat.“(…)
Captain Nikos Zormpas, S/Y Aello

„I have met Jan as serious and pleasant Captain and will make even longer journeys with him for certain.“
Lorenz Glanzmann, skipperjan.ch client