Become RYA Yachtmaster – on high latitudes

onTheMastTo become RYA Yachtmaster in a tricky, but beautiful sailing area around 70°N is not for everybody! Who tackles the challenge is being rewarded with breath taking nature, Northern Lights, a great variaty of training options and a full load of maritime education. To become RYA Yachtmaster alone is an achievment. With us in the far North this becomes an extraordinary component. Who can say he / she mastered a skipper training in Arctic? We say who can sail this waters can prevail everywhere!

Since 2014 several candidates take the opportunity for such an once-in-a-lifetime sail training every year and so far we are proud to say that all of them mastered the multiple day „barbeque“ the RYA Examiner has put them on. They truly earned their RYA Yachtmaster recommendation after such hard work!

In the Arctic propper equipment is crucial for safety and comfort so we are constantly working on that subject to ensure everything is in perfect working conditions and to be found on the right spot. The overwhelming yet seriously honest area leaves little room for „Try-and-Error“.

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